[mp_row][mp_span col=”12″][mp_row_inner][mp_span_inner col=”12″][/mp_span_inner][/mp_row_inner][mp_row_inner][mp_span_inner col=”12″][mp_text]You look at the mirror…and you get angry.

You’re not your best you because you invest all of your time and energy into the people and world around you.


And that’s what makes you an awesome person! 
But it’s also what’s really making you fat. 


There we said it — the dreaded “f” word that we use to shame ourselves to change. And calling ourselves fat (or hearing that we’re fat) hasn’t helped us to do anything.

You feel for other’s people’s troubles and challenges. Heck, you’re probably the go-to person for a whole list of people when the going gets tough!

Your big heart is giving you a big ass to match – and THAT has got to stop.


Break the cycle and be the loving person you are – without letting other people’s drama keep you being a hot mamma!

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much focuses on the keys to weight loss for awesome, caring, loving, and feeling people just like you.

With a simple, practical program (no fluff, no platitudes, no smoke), bestselling author and internationally renowned intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid shows you how to release those extra pounds – along with everyone else’s drama — and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.


Four steps.


Eight weeks.


That’s all it takes.


You’ve spent more time than that in line at Starbucks.

 If you’re willing to invest the energy – and your heart – and tell that mirror it has another thing coming this year, here’s what you’ll learn once you crack open the cover to this revolutionary guide for amazing people (just like YOU). Discover how to:

End the drama! Discover how to reverse empathy overload and establish healthy boundaries. 

Block out the noise: Avoid the “noisy” trigger foods that lead to autopilot eating…and that nasty look you give the mirror.

Change the size of your pants by changing your thoughts: It’s not about the broccoli!

 “It’s not about less cookies OR more broccoli!”

 This book is your guide to having a new healthy, loving relationship with your food and your feelings. It’s the end to other people’s drama – and the beginning to your hot mama! Embrace the body (and life) you deserve. 

 Your hot mama is waiting for you. How long will you keep her waiting?


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What the Experts Are Saying:[/mp_heading]
[/mp_span_inner][/mp_row_inner][mp_row_inner][mp_span_inner col=”2″][mp_image id=”1262″ link=”#” align=”left”][/mp_span_inner][mp_span_inner col=”10″][mp_text]“This book can benefit all those who have ever turned to food to cope with the confusing, distressing, or troubling emotions swirling around you. This accessible guide will offer ways to take control of your weight and your relationship with food and offers a down-to-earth plan that will improve your life and your waistline”

– Judith Orloff, M.D., author of Emotional Freedom[/mp_text]
[/mp_span_inner][/mp_row_inner][mp_row_inner][mp_span_inner col=”2″][mp_image id=”1263″ link=”#” align=”left”][/mp_span_inner][mp_span_inner col=”10″][mp_text]“Based on advances in frontier science, Colette Baron-Reid provides a detailed step-by-step process to finally manage physical and emotional weight issues. Regain control over your health and life. . . . read this book.”

– Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief Belief and coauthor of Spontaneous Evolution
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“Colette Baron-Reid has created a unique method to successfully address the mind / body connection of highly sensitive people with weight issues. For anyone who has struggled with their weight and their emotions this book is for you!”.

– Dr. Darren Weissman, Ph.D., bestselling author of Infinite Love and Gratitude and creator of The Life Line Technique®[/mp_text][/mp_span_inner][/mp_row_inner][/mp_span][/mp_row][mp_row]
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Program Overview:


Lisa Harrington loved the program so much she became one of our certified coaches

From a Size 14 to a Size 6 and maintaining 2 years later

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